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Most common treatment for soccer knee injury is the R.I.C.E method (Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate). When the knee injury is more severe, it is best to take the proper time to heal, than to push yourself and play through the pain.

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ACL and Meniscus Tears. ACL and meniscus tears can put you on the bench for six months or longer. You may need surgery, but most injuries will at least require a rehabilitation program to help you fully regain strength and mobility in your knee [9].

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You peel the top of the paper cup so that you can rub the ice on your injury. This is also great for Knee and Ankle injuries and all you need is 5 Minutes which saves time. Skin injuries (strawberries)* Another one of the common soccer injuries. These not-so-sweet injuries are going to happen to everyone (or at least it had better! 🙂 LOL). If you are 10+ and don’t get a Strawberry or a slide burn on the knee then you’re not playing hard enough in my opinion.

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Objective: Evaluate the results of Pridie chondroplasty as an efficient treatment to recover the complete activity in soccer players and compare this with others chondral repair techniques. Material and methods: The patients were professional soccer players, all with a knee cartilage injury treated with the Pridie technique in an arthroscopic surgery between March 1999--December 2004.

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Soccer Knee Injury Treatment Options To correctly diagnose and treat soccer knee injuries, your physician will gather detailed information about the injury and your previous knee pain, if any. She will likely order MRI scans or X-rays, especially if there's so much swelling that your doctor can't accurately tell which body structures are affected.

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Buckling of the knee is commonly associated with this kind of injury. How are knee injuries mitigated then? Unfortunately, there is no 100% method of preventing injuries, but they can be mitigated by maintaining proper fitness levels, learning the correct techniques for jumping and landing, improving balance and footwork as well as strengthening the leg muscles. Knee injuries are common in professional soccer due to the intensity of the game, and many players have had to end their careers ...

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